Stormy Skies

Stormy skies near sunset make for some really nice photos.  The combination of the various cloud types and the colors from the sun's rays filtering through the moist air can create quite a dramatic scene.  This happened to be one of those evenings.  One of those times when you look out the window and just know that you have to try and capture the amazing beauty that is laid out overhead.  Storms had been moving through off and on throughout the day.  For a time, the skies were nothing but gray and rain was pouring.  Then suddenly, the sun would peak through the storm clouds, illuminating the landscape.  That seemed to be the case today; alternating grayness followed by a painter's palette of color.  When the sun did poke through, the moisture on the grass and trees made everything a more vibrant green than normal.  The atmosphere seemed to be clearer, scrubbed clean of the dust and other particulates by the falling rain.

As the day was drawing to a close and the sun was nearing the horizon, the clouds parted just enough to let the filtered light and color through.  I had to get some shots, and as you can see below, the sky was very dramatic.  The first two images are single shots of the sky, the first a view to the west at the setting sun and it's rays, and the other a view to the east.  

Stormy Skies-1

Stormy Skies-2

While the two shots above are nice, I wanted to show a broader view of the sky.  Sooo....why not try a panorama.  The image below is actually a nine-shot panorama, shot hand-held and stitched together in Photoshop Elements.  Maybe not perfect since I didn't use a tripod, but still a nice image, in my opinion.  Enjoy...and thanks for stopping by.

Stormy Skies Panorama