First of all, let me say that photography is not my profession, but rather a passion. Photography is a way of sharing my vision of the world with others. Oftentimes in our busy daily routine, it is easy to overlook or to take for granted the wonder and beauty of nature.  Whether it be the serenity of a colorful sunset, wildflowers dancing in the breeze of a summer's day, or chirping birds flittering about on a crisp autumn morning, there is no shortage of amazing things surrounding us. We just have to slow down and take the time to listen, to see, and to feel. My hope is that my images, in some small way, will provide an avenue and inspiration for doing just that.

Photography is a relatively new endeavor for me.  That's not to say that I just started taking pictures.  It seems that I've always been the one with the camera documenting family vacations, my sons' sporting events, or Christmas mornings.  That's just the way it was…and I enjoyed it.  Eventually, I felt the need to upgrade cameras and purchased my first digital SLR in December 2011.  My thought was that if I had a better camera, I could get better pictures of all those family events.  As it turns out, that is not necessarily true.  That shiny new camera with all those buttons and interchangeable lenses is but a tool to make the task of taking great pictures more likely, but not exactly easier.  There was still the not so small detail of learning how to use that camera.  That process led me to a better understanding of basic photographic concepts and techniques, and more importantly made me want to practice shooting.  So I shot….and shot…and shot…  There is a saying in photography that your first 10,000 pictures are your worst.  Having long since surpassed that number, I can now look back and see that it is true.


 Fast forwarding to October 2013, my photography really took on new meaning and was pushed up a level after attending a photography workshop.  To that point, all that I had learned was from books and on the internet.  Spending a week with other photographers, devoting time to shooting, inspired me to try new techniques and made me want to get better.  Since that time, I think the photographic process has become more deliberate and my images have improved as a result.  I continue to learn new things, try new techniques, and shoot as frequently as possible.

Those first 10,000 pictures probably are my worst, although there are a few in there that I quite like. One thing I can say for sure: the learning never stops.  And that's the way it should be.  That's what pushes me to strive to become better at this craft.  My hope is that I continue to see improvement moving forward.   

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