Grand Opening of My Store!

Welcome to the grand opening of the my new store!  What better time than now, with the coming of Spring and the fresh new flowers that will soon be making an appearance.  By clicking here or on the 'My Store' link to the left from anywhere in the website, you can browse my image galleries and explore some different options for purchasing.  Clicking the 'Buy' button at the bottom of any photo will provide you with a wide range of print sizes as well as other products that may be of interest.

Being that this is a Grand Opening of sorts, I would like to offer a discount for the purchase of any prints or other items.  Just use the discount code GrandOpening25 to receive 25% off your purchase(s)!  This coupon code is good until April 12, 2014.  Any prints that you order will be made by a professional print lab and shipped directly to you.

Thanks so much for checking in on my website and blog.  I appreciate all the positive feedback and do hope that you will check back often for exciting new content.  I will be adding new photos to the image galleries in My Store often for you to peruse.  I hope that you find the website easy to navigate and also enjoy the images and other content that I have put into it so far.  Please feel free to click on the 'Contact Me' link from the home page and drop me a line there or send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or things you'd like to see on the website.

Since I don't want to end without including a photo, here's a couple to remind us all of what awaits us as the warmth of the sun begins to thaw out what's left of a long, cold winter...