Grinter Sunflower Farm

I had the opportunity to visit the Grinter Sunflower Farm a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share a few of the images.  This farm is located on Highway 24/40 between Lawrence and Tonganoxie, Kansas.  The farm consists of about 43 acres of sunflowers, planted each year and visited by many who want to witness the beauty of the golden-yellow bouquet.  The trick is that the sunflowers really only bloom for about two weeks, usually at the end of August or first of September.  When I was there on September 9, the fields were still yellow, but the flowers were getting a little 'droopy'.  

The blue sky makes a great backdrop for the golden-yellow flowers.

Sunflower Bud

The bees were happy...

You can see the droopy and dying petals, but this particular sunflower seemed to be pretty happy anyway…;-)

Happy Sunflower

This one…not so much...

Frowny Face

Above the Crowd

Sunflower Macro

Brighter Days

While I was there, a steady stream of people came and went, including several photographers doing a variety of shoots.  I guess the saying that if you build it, they will come is true after all.  Although I didn't see a baseball field anywhere, I would recommend a visit to this place next year.  It's pretty neat to see these fields of yellow; just make sure you time your visit right.