14 Favorites From 2014

This is something I started last year and plan to make it an annual tradition.  Throughout the course of the year, I make a lot of images.  With digital photography, it is common for the vast majority of our photos to sit on our phones or computer hard drives and never be seen by others.  This is just one small way to rescue a small fraction of those photos from anonymity.  

In the year 2014, using various cameras, I took approximately 19,202 images.  That probably seems like a lot, and maybe it is.  Some of those photos are from close to home (i.e. in the 'backyard'); many are from various photo shoots (weddings, senior pictures, family portraits, etc.); a large portion are from my sons' sporting events; and a majority are from my travels, such as family vacations or photography trips.  

I believe that photographs are the best way to capture the natural beauty of the world around us and to document the most important events of our lives.  The images we create are of but a fleeting moment in time, but are a way of freezing that moment to be shared for generations to come.  An expression of our creative vision within the small frame of a camera's sensor in a way that may never be conveyed in many volumes of a book.

So, without further ado, and before I wax any more philosophical, the collection of photographs below represent my 14 favorites for the past year.  It was not an easy task weeding out 14 from over 19,000 images, but it was a good exercise for me to review the year's imagery to see where I've been and how my photography has progressed.  These are not necessarily my best images from the year, but they are my favorites.  Many you may have seen already, either in my blog pages or on social media or photo sharing sites.  Drum roll please...and in no particular order:

Grinter's Sunflower Farm

Mountain Stream

Hiding Out

Ready to Launch

Kansas Schoolhouse

Krug Park Autumn

Fall Color

Foggy Road

Kansas City Skyline

Canyon X

Agathla Peak

Dune Color

Road to Nowhere

Christmas at Union Station

Thanks for looking and have a great 2015!