April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's a rhyme we all have probably heard at one time or another, especially this time of year.  A rhyme with origins that can be traced back a few hundred years, but it is as true today as it ever was.  As the month of April is drawing to a close and spring forges forward into the warm months ahead, the effects of the rain over the past few weeks can be seen all around us.  The trees have replenished their leafy foliage that fell to the ground just a few short months ago.  The grass has become a rich shade of green and continues to grow, prompting the ignition of small gas engines  to commence with the ho-hum routine of grooming countless lawns.  

And then there are the flowers.  The seemingly endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that spring forth as we continue to spring forward through another week, month, and year.  Some are meticulously placed to adorn the landscape while others haphazardly make their place along roads or highways, along a trail in the woods, around the serene waters of a small lake, or on one of a thousand rolling hills.  In those places, the flowers will spend the entirety of their short and meaningful lives.  The bees, butterflies, and birds will surely notice them, as news of their sweet, life-sustaining nectar is broadcasted as free for the taking.  The liquid sugar providing a food source in exchange for dissemination.  A perfect symbiotic relationship.  A sort of 'working together for the greater good' kind of relationship.  Something we could probably learn from.  

Will we notice those flowers?  Let's face it, we are a busy people.  There is work, school, family, getting that lawn mowed, and so many other things that need to be tended to.  Free time, or down time, or whatever you want to call it is a premium commodity.  There's never enough of it.  However, in those brief in-between moments, take a second or two and look around.  Take note of the beauty.  Through the haze of all the ugliness in this world, the beauty is there.  The artwork of the unseen hand beckons us to step away from our busy-ness to gaze upon it, if only for a short time.  

Enough with the words, let's get to some images.  Below are a few of my favorites so far this spring. They were all taken around the yard or in the woods behind our house.  Take a walk sometime and see what you can see.  You might be surprised...

A much more colorful world

Full of cheer

Green with envy

Lilac Sunset

Lost in a sea of green

Pear Blossoms

Show Off

Upward Bound

Pink Blossom